BandAriKin (Icelandic word for American)

Band - (Sanskrit origin Bandha) Something which encircles,
Whole, assembly, association, bevy, bond, brace, brigade, bunch, caravan, circle, clan cluster, combine, company, concentration, concur, consolidate, cooperate, corps, crew, crust, cult, encircle, ensemble, faction, fasten, gang, gathering, gird, girdle, group, horde, jewelry, knot, lace, layer, league, ligature, line, mass, orchestra, organization, outfit, pack, parcel, partnership, party, rim, ring, round, set, squad, strap, streak, strip, strike, tape, team, tie, troop, troupe, unify, unite, wreath, zone 

Noun - a company of persons or, sometimes, animals or things, joined, acting, or functioning together; aggregation; party; troop-a band of protesters. Music.-a group of instrumentalists playing music of a specialized type that plays especially for marching or open-air performances-a division of a nomadic tribe; a group of individuals who move and camp together and subsist by hunting and gathering. 
Verb - to unite in a troop, company, or confederacy.

Ari (Quechua origin) - Yes.

Kin (Sanskrit origin Janus Greek Genos)
A group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.

affinity, blood, clan, connection, consanguinity, cousin, extraction, family, folk, house, kindred, kinsfolk, kinship, kinsperson, kith, lineage, member, people, race, relation, relationship, sibling, stock, tribe. 
Noun - a person's relatives collectively; someone or something of the same or similar kind, philosophy and its kin, theology. 
Adjective - of the same family; related; akin.of the same kind or nature; having affinity.

Idioms of kin, of the same family; related; akin: Although their surnames are identical they are not of kin.

The BandAriKin Project is about saying Yes to the lineage of singing in circle. Following the song lines back to the ancient times when harmony existed between people. And singing those lines forward to create a legacy in the arc of time.

Vocal improvisation is our modality. We work in the Vocal River Traditions of Bobby McFerrin and Rhiannon.

Lets organize a song circle. 

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